2019 02 19

Danielle Joyce

Copywriter, Brand Strategist, and E-Commerce Specialist based in Manhattan

Location icon United States

Happy International Women's Day!

"Cathy Glaser is my former boss and one of the strongest and most determined women I’ve ever met. Twelve years ago, she traveled with her family to the only clinic in the country that could help her teenage daughter, who’d been suffering from terrible, disabling migraines since she was two years old. At the clinic, Cathy and her husband realized that not only are migraines are a massive, widespread problem, but they’re also a women’s health issue — 85 percent of chronic sufferers are women....


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This "Princess" Bikini Top Keeps Selling Out

We always have our eye out for items that sell out at lightning speed or are predicted to be top sellers, like these jeans that gained a 3000-person waiting list overnight and these pieces that sold out in record time. And today, we're adding to the list.

A Day In The Life Of A Bikini PR Girl

This year, we're going behind the scenes at Bikini. Next up: bikini PR girl Danielle Joyce, who pitches the latest in swimwear to editors and much more. Here's how she gets the job done. BIKINI: What was your big break in the fashion industry? How'd you get your foot in the door?


Fashion Portraiture by Monica Baddar

Regardless of whether you're taking a family vacation, putting in extra hours at work or simply enjoying some downtime with some of your favorite books this winter break, you can still return to work or school more cultured than when you left - without having to step foot in a museum.

Mother's Day Shopping Guide for New Moms

As a new mom, the ups and downs of pregnancy and childbirth are behind you, and you finally get to celebrate this Mother's Day with your new baby ... and postpartum body surprises. No one deserves a leisurely day at the pool like the mother of a young child, and temporary post-baby body changes, leaks, pains and scars shouldn't get in the way of your summer traditions.

What it Really Takes to Become an Instagram Food Blogger

Have you ever sat down in front of a big, beautiful kale salad bowl topped with perfectly sliced avocado and vibrant pink pickled red onions, snapped a photo - and wondered whether you have what it takes to become an Instagram food blogger?

Ballerina Secrets: Fitness Lessons from the Black Swan

If there's anyone who knows about physical training and endurance, it's Laura Bösenberg (known as @capetownballerina on Insta). A professional ballerina who started dancing at the age of four and pliéed her way to a starring role in Swan Lake, Laura spends her days training, dancing, stretching and training some more.

This Globetrotting Couple's Romance is the Love Heard Round the World

It was wanderlust love at first sight. Katie and Xavier Ritzi have never let distance get in the way of their love - even when they were living on different continents. After one attempt at a long-distance relationship and multiple ocean-crossing relocations, the couple discovered they had as much of a passion for travel as they did for one another.

Shop These Eco-Friendly Brands This Earth Day

Finding a fabulous swimsuit that fits perfectly, feels good, and shows off your ability to rock one of the season's hottest trends is every fashion lover's dream - and we're all about that. But to celebrate Earth Day, we're challenging you to take your summer 2018 style next level.

Meet Casey Evans, the Beach Babe Next Door

Casey Evans is the beach babe we all want to lay out with. She loves the nude swimwear trend as much as we do but she's also partial to bold, bright colors, she's visited Bali more than once, and she pulls off the super-easy morning-after hairstyle so well that she can claim it as her signature look.

Share a Beachside Tequila with Photographer Aaron Woolf Haxton

Want to spend every day on the beach in your swimsuit? That's what Aaron Woolf Haxton wanted to do, so now that's what he does. The photographer's Insta feed is filled with gorgeous shots of some of our favorite beach babes--think Sjana Elise, Bryana Holly, and Carmella Rose--playing among palm trees in tropical locations all over the world.

Meet the T-Shirt Designer on a Mission to Empower Women

There's nothing we love more than a stylishly bold slogan tee, and we're always on the lookout for new designs that speak exactly what's on our minds. When we discovered artist Dani Dazey's Dazey LA Instagram feed, filled with Dani's hand-drawn stylized slogan art printed on colorful tees, we had to learn more about her trendy art.

Why Louis Carreon is the Artist to Know Right Now

There was only one direction that painter Louis Carreon could go after being arrested for a drug-related crime: up. After serving two years in prison, he began rising and hasn't stopped since.

Designer Malou Olier Practices Mindfulness the French Girl Way

The moment we came across Paris-based designer Malou Olier's Instagram feed, we fell in love with her dreamy mix of yoga vibes and a romantic French aesthetic. Intrigued about the woman behind the feed of bold swim designs interspersed with uber-zen yoga poses, we sat down with Malou to learn all we could about her chic Parisian style.

Following Victoria Germyn from Milan to Manhattan

Victoria Germyn is not your average New Yorker. Scouted by an agent at 12 in her home in Sweden, she jetted off to Greece at 14 to launch her modeling career. After stints in the fashion capital of Milan and the beach babe capital of Australia, she headed to the city that never sleeps - and never left.

Photographer Desi Drew's Animal Instinct

What's the secret to capturing a bald eagle in the wild? Patience - lots and lots of patience. Desi Drew knows how to focus like a cheetah and shape-shift like a fox when he's trying to get the perfect shot.

Leah Ferrante's Life in Color

Take one look at SoCal girl Leah Ferrante's Instagram and you'll fall into a colorful wonderland filled with blue hydrangeas and painted with rosy red lipstick. We followed Leah's rainbow road to learn about her love of color, where she gets her eye for design, and her vibrant adventures all over the world.

Vivid Photos and Wise Advice from Christopher Cameron

Meet one man who has it all figured out: Christopher Cameron knows exactly how to elevate a swimwear photo to a breathtaking work of art. Not only does each one of his bikini shots defy convention, but his career success also means he's full of valuable advice.

In the Dressing Room Chair with Bikini.com Brand Ambassador Hazel Graye

Our Brand Ambassador @hazelgraye pops up in our Insta feed on the regular with awesome hairstyles and gorgeous makeup looks interspersed with key skincare tips. Thanks to her frequent seat in the dressing room chair before modeling gigs, we know we can trust her advice.

We Want Kimberley DeVocht's Gamer Girl Swag

Model Kimberley DeVocht defies convention in more ways than one. She was the first in her fashion circle to launch a YouTube vlog channel, where you can catch her schooling boys at videogames when she isn't inviting her viewers along for a day in her life. Plus, she actually loves doing abs.

This Photographer Shows Us Where Ocean Meets Fashion

Whether it's a free spirit surfer babe or a fashion-forward wetsuit, every shot by photographer Cait Miers makes us feel like we're riding the waves (or holding our breath beneath them!) right along with her and her subject.

Smiling Big in Bali with Olesya Chizhkova

We were infected with Olesya Chizhkova's contagious joy the moment we came across her @__lis__olesya Instagram feed. This tanned, tatted Russian babe makes us grin just thinking about her sparkling photos in Bali and beyond, and we had to find out what's behind that smile that's making us all so happy.

This Photographer's Work is a Love Letter to Miami

José Narvaez adores Miami, and each one of his photos tells part of his love story with the city. José puts his heart on display for us on his Instagram @oasisjae, where he showcases romantic sunset shots and electrifying skyline photos.


Product Description: Flynn Skye Bardot Maxi Dress

STYLE: Button front bardot-style maxi dress in lightweight black rayon fabric with white polka dot print. Ruffled elastic straps can be worn around arms as off-the-shoulder bardot sleeves or pulled up and worn over the shoulders as flowy cap sleeves. Working fabric-covered buttons at front add a fine level of detail that keeps the dress snug and supportive. Straight neckline with subtle seaming detail at front and smocked elastic detail at back sculpts and flatters the bust. High...

Product Description: Aila Cosmetics Nail Polish

THE NAIL POLISH: Chip-resistant non-toxic shiny nail lacquer in mystical purple color with blue micro-glitter. The long-lasting nail polish is vegan, cruelty-free, gluten-free, and made without parabens, sulfates, formaldehyde, and all other toxins traditionally found in nail care products. The formulation is officially considered 12-free, the most stringent category of nontoxic nail polishes. .45 fl oz clear glass bottle with white lid and minimalistic white “AILA” logo. The cool...

Product Description: Kindhood Children's Poncho

STYLE: Cozy, eco-friendly hooded poncho for children ages 2 to 8. Soft cream fabric with black stripes and piping sprinkled with turquoise waves. Trimmed with fluffy cream tassels at bottom. Wear after swimming or bathtime as an alternative to drying off with a towel. Made of 70% sustainable bamboo fiber and 30% cotton. Front pouch keeps hands warm, snacks safe, and seashell collections secure. Hood adds warmth, protection, and extra coziness. Lined with ultra-soft, absorbent,...

Collection Description: Jewelry

Bikini.com's curated jewelry collection features a selection of necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings, and more from over 25 new and emerging jewelry designers from around the world. Ranging from luxurious solid gold fine jewelry to affordable, on-trend fashion jewelry, every beach lover can shop for bold statement pieces alongside simple daily-wear staples. If you're looking for an edgy festival-chic choker, a sexy handmade body chain, a piece of bravely bohemian foot jewelry, or unique...

Booklet: The Wanderlust - Hamptons Edition Subscription Box

Extravagance knows no bounds in the summer playground of NYC’s chicest socialites and fnance titans. Straight from the pages (and ofces!) of Vogue, the Hamptons girl fits from the crispt tennis courts to the exclusive private beaches to the decadent white parties. Perpetually immaculate even while lounging poolside at a gorgeous waterfront estate with rosé in hand, she is elegance personified.

Migraine Research Foundation
Blog Post: Migraine Trivia Challenge

Question 1: Though it’s very common, migraine is often misunderstood by the general public. Which of these popular statements about migraine is false?

Blog Post: 5 Mistakes to Avoid During Your Freshman Year

With fall getting colder as you settle into cruise control through the rest of your first semester of college, you may think you've already figured it all out. Perhaps you have, but chances are you are making one of these terribly risky mistakes - if not all five.

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